Wednesday, November 25, 2009

photo meme.

My friend, Pam posted this challenge/invitation on her blog, so I'm responding...
Tag. you're it! Let me know and I'll come check out your photos too!

here are the rules:
*open your first photo folder
*scroll down to the 10th picture
(if you don't have 10 in that one, then go to the next folder that does)
*post that photo and the story behind that photo on your blog
*tag 5 friends to do the same 
Last summer, we went to Jonesborough, TN to visit my SIL, and do a little antique shopping and then we all went on to the Knoxville quilt show.... but when we arrived in Jonesborough, there was an event that stopped us in our tracks - a long line of Model T's (and a few similar, but not technically T's) lined the main street of Jonesborough - they were having a rally - all of these cars were in good working order, mind you - and it took us the best part of the morning to inspect them all before they drove away!   Seriously - there were at least 100 or more.

We love to visit historic Jonesborough, (check their website at) 
and always try to take in a tall tale or two at the International Storytelling Center - seen just behind that handsome devil conducting the 'auto inspection' in this photo.
It was a beautiful morning, and a lovely memory!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Avoiding the Sorting Detour

They say sorting is easy - four boxes labeled KEEP HERE, TOSS, RECYCLE, KEEP ELSEWHERE - but if you are an easily distracted, creative person - then everything you touch becomes a detour.  That detour can often take the rest of the day to get back on track - so today, I'm trying to stay on track - conquer just one little mess with a short deadline, and then give myself a little 'quilting time' reward.
So, here I go - straight for the finish line - no distractions.  I have ONE HOUR to accomplish this.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Finding lost quilty stuff...

One of the issues I have to deal with as I proceed with this re-org is what to do with all the stuff - some of it hasn't been seen in so long I forgot long ago why I had it - but some turns out to be things I have been looking for - those "I know I already have a spool of blue thread here SOMEWHERE!!!" kinds of things. 
Today I found the fabric I bought for the seats of the dining room chairs - I didn't have enough to do all four chairs - my math isn't my strongest talent, and I had bought half what I needed the first time - so I went back and bought the second half - but that second half disappeared as it came in the front door, so those seat cushions have been waiting patiently on the work table for that home dec fabric to turn up and (drum roll, please) I can now finish those seat cushions!
I'll have to figure out how to post pics when I get them done - because that will call for a major photo event in the dining room!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Studio Re-Organization

I've decided to concentrate on a major studio re-do. The current set up is just not efficient anymore - even if it were tidy (which it certainly is NOT) it would still need improvement - and I think I FINALLY have an idea of how I'd like to improve it... so I may not get quite as much sewing done between now and the holidays, but the goal is to have this reorganized (and TIDY) by the first of the year. Yeah, I don't expect this to happen overnight - it took years for it to get this bad, and it won't get better overnight, even with the help of Tinkerbell AND my Fairy Godmother!
I realized yesterday that there is a STACK of six boxes in the corner that I have NO IDEA of the contents! It's been so long since I saw the top of my ironing board that I'd forgotten it was there until I found myself picking up the results of the avalanche that fell off when I bumped it.
So here's a 'before' pic - this was taken a couple of years ago - before it got as bad as it is now!
I'm not sure I want to post a pic of it in its current state - the evidence might be used against me in a 'court of quilt law'!
I know that I get a lot more accomplished in a tidy space - so that's the goal - get re-organized and STAY TIDY! That's me, the future tidy person....

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Guild Meeting

Last night was the monthly meeting of Quilt Company East. The guest speaker was Eleanor Levie (Ellie) of Skinny Quilts and Tablerunners fame - she showed us samples of totes, table runners, and small quilts from several outstanding designers in addition to her own. She also presented a slide show of museum quilts by earlier quilters who were more adventurous than their peers and took a stab at doing something 'outside the box'. Ellie gave a wonderful, inspiring presentation and I'm so glad to have been there.
QCE is a quild that does a LOT of 'outside the box' quilts - an amazing bunch of talent for such a small room - there is always something at 'show & tell' that makes the late night worth the long drive.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thanksgiving prep

It's time to finalize the plans for Thanksgiving - the menu, the schedule, the headcount, the seating arrangements, or maybe the restaurant reservations!

My very favorite Thanksgiving restaurant has been closed for several years, so we went shopping for a new alternative - last year, we went to an 'all you can eat buffet' for Thanksgiving - it was great - everyone had their favorites, there were no leftovers, and no cleanup - I highly recommend it. Admittedly, it was not as much fun as the time we spent Thanksgiving with my brother and his family in San Diego....

I had just started to have hot flashes that year.... and had not yet realized that wine increased the 'power surges' so my beloved S-I-L and I were having a glass (or two) while we prepped the turkey, peeled potatoes, etc. and along with having the most fun I've ever had in a kitchen - I had ice pops stuffed in my clothes to help counter the 'power surges'.... it's possible we had a little more fun due to the fact that the turkey wasn't done until 8PM, so we had plenty of time for wine and finished the bottle off well before the food was ready to serve.
Good times, good family, good wine! Great combination.