Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Studio Re-Organization

I've decided to concentrate on a major studio re-do. The current set up is just not efficient anymore - even if it were tidy (which it certainly is NOT) it would still need improvement - and I think I FINALLY have an idea of how I'd like to improve it... so I may not get quite as much sewing done between now and the holidays, but the goal is to have this reorganized (and TIDY) by the first of the year. Yeah, I don't expect this to happen overnight - it took years for it to get this bad, and it won't get better overnight, even with the help of Tinkerbell AND my Fairy Godmother!
I realized yesterday that there is a STACK of six boxes in the corner that I have NO IDEA of the contents! It's been so long since I saw the top of my ironing board that I'd forgotten it was there until I found myself picking up the results of the avalanche that fell off when I bumped it.
So here's a 'before' pic - this was taken a couple of years ago - before it got as bad as it is now!
I'm not sure I want to post a pic of it in its current state - the evidence might be used against me in a 'court of quilt law'!
I know that I get a lot more accomplished in a tidy space - so that's the goal - get re-organized and STAY TIDY! That's me, the future tidy person....

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