Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Flowers from April Showers

My garden is in full bloom at last - and I'm enjoying every growing thing in the garden... along with the dandelions and the thistles, etc.

Here are some pics of my little beauties...

This is the white bleeding heart that we planted to mark Sam's grave last year:
Looking good this year - last year it was a really thin, but is now filling out well in spite of the poor soil in this spot.... 

Here is the snow in summer that I will be planting - honest, really I will!
the phlox are trying their best to be a ground cover.....
and the azalea is now in full bloom - in spite of the HUGE pile of snow that was weighing it down last winter
and the Huchera (coral bells) is about to burst into bloom, but I grow it for this stunning foliage:
and I grow Lamb's Ears for the foliage, too....
now if I could only get these Red Hot Pokers to bloom!
is there a flower spike hiding in that leaf cluster somewhere?  I sure hope so!

All these flowers are giving me ideas for quilts, so I'll be in the studio if you need me.


  1. gorgeous flowers and foilage! The deer have eaten my azaleas, so only have a few blossoms:( I have never had any luck with phlox. However,I can grow lambs ears. Seems I can neglect them. LOL I don't think I have ever seen coral bells. They are just gorgeous!

  2. oh I love your flowers and foilage. I think I have a plant like the last one. When it stops raining I will go and photo it to compare.

  3. just love the photos of your flowering plants and the foliage plants I too love to see different leaves