Thursday, January 28, 2010

is it painting? or just messing with paint?

What's that you say?  Where have you been all week?  Oh, you don't care?  Well, I'll tell you anyway....
It's another cold snowy morning in SW PA - so I've been making messes at the 'painting salon' in the basement and turned out some very colorful batting scraps to use in an upcoming Fiber Art Trade/Challenge:

and yesterday I went to play with friends - with paintsticks and stencils and inkie goodies,
and the day before that, I was quilting on this:

which I'm hoping to finish today.
and then I'll be serving the "World Famous FPC Spaghetti Dinner" at the church tonight... so come on over - it's all you can eat!  Includes beverage, salad, bread and dessert for only $6!  Such a DEAL!  and I'll be your server, and you don't have to tip me!  how easy is that?


  1. I think that's definitely PAINTING. :)
    your DD

  2. I just love that quilt!

    And ditto what the DD said...its painting..

    Hope you are having a wonderful week.

    The DIL (that sounds so ominous, doesnt it? lol..)