Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday already - where did the weekend go?

A few weeks ago, I joined an online yahoo group called QuiltersFleaMarket - hoping to post some things for sale as I de-cluttered my sewing studio and storage space.... so okay, I haven't posted anything yet, but for any of my newbie friends who are looking to BUY things for their studios, including books, sewing machines, etc. this is a goldmine!

Today I rec'd two wonderful packages in the mail - a box of Aurifil thread:

and a Fiber Art PostCard:

the picture doesn't do it justice - it looks like a treasure map - complete with little treasures made from silk, paper, and brass!  ...and doesn't my stove top make a good background?

Sometime last weekend I managed to start my 'calendar quilt' with a strip for each day of the year... here's January, so far:

I can see why they need to be trimmed at the end of the month...
And  the quilt rack is attached to the dining room wall:

complete with the dragonfly quilt I made some time ago.... and yes - this is hand applique - and free-hand machine quilted, with dozens of tiny little crystals on those orange flower petals.
So - it was a productive weekend, which explains why it is a blur in my memory!
Hope yours was a good weekend, too.


  1. Thea, I too belong to the QFM, and it is a gold mine for quilters. My intent was to sell too. LOL but all I do is buy buy buy!!

    Chris Dahl

  2. Thea -- you have to join the group to see what's for sale?
    and -- tell me more about the calendar quilts?

  3. oh, I forgot -- I love the dragon fly quilt! I try so hard to be casual - which is a contradiction in terms - which is why it doesn't work for me - but the way you brought the dragon flies and the flower "petals" literally outside the box is so neat!

  4. Id love to see the calendar quilt next time I'm over... looove the dragonflies....makes me yearn for summer.. *sigh*

    Your DIL

  5. Hi Chris - I need to post a link to your blog... and another for your website!

  6. @Cheryl, yes, you would need to join QFM - when you sign up, be sure to choose the "DIGEST" option so you only get one email a day... unless you really need lots more email, of course!

    @ all: the Dragonfly quilt is one of my favorites so far - and I appreciate your comments. That hand applique was worth it after all!