Monday, February 8, 2010

a snowy, sewy weekend

Good Morning Snowbunnies -
We've made it through the 4th worst snow storm of all recorded time (for Pgh, PA, at least) and so far, so good!
Actually, I spent the day in the sewing studio with a bunch of little square friends.....
getting ready for a block swap!

We had about 16 to 18" here in Greensburg, just east of Pgh, and dh spent a LOT of the weekend digging the cars out so we could fulfill work and social needs with the help of an angel with a snow blower - and I made it to teach the first of a four part quilting class to very appreciate newbie quilters. 
... so, how was your weekend?  have you made a new friend lately?


  1. I was introduced to Mr. Shovel... shh....dont tell my DH

    Your DIL

  2. Hi! I feel your pain! I am in canfield, OH outside Youngstown! We are lmost neighbors!