Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March is National Craft Month - loving the sparkle in this star!

I've been increasingly interested in using up the supplies I already have on hand - including using some rather unusual "raw" materials in ways I've never tried before.

Recently, I participated in a "Going Green" charm challenge - I looked around the house for something I had on hand that lent itself to recycling, and remembered that pile of holey socks in the bottom of my closet - AHA!  I remembered how well the painted batting scraps worked a few weeks ago, and applied the same 'painting' method to a square of tube sock cut across the foot - no toes, no cuff, no heel, just foot.  This worked out even better than hoped - although the sock fabric did absorb a LOT of paint!
Once dry (which took a while, even with the assist of the hair dryer) I layered the sock wrong side up and added a scrap of batting and a scrap of 'backing' fabric - then quilted a star shape, added a little more paint to the 'highlights' and came up with this:
I also dismantled a bracelet and 're-purposed' the beads and wire -  and I'm really pleased and encouraged by this result - I love the sparkle in this star.

Tell me what you have crafted lately.   I love getting comments - what's yours?


  1. Along the lines of re-purposing -- Did you read the call for artists that i sent you in an email? You would do a great job of repurposing a pair of ballet shoes into a work of art. If you are interested, let me know and I can pick up a pair for you when I take my grand daughter for her ballet class.

  2. It's great to repurpose! Love your star. Also love your quilts. Especially the flying geese one!

  3. Thanks, I love your work - you are an inspiration!